SHARDA ENGLISH ACADEMY is situated on the banks of the river Tapi in the city of Surat in Gujarat state. This school is managed by the Saurashtra Education Trust. It was built in an quiet and playful area, in the year 2009. The school is affiliated to the Gujarat board.

The school’s staff has always been committed to do innovative work and also work for social upliftment. It’s a school that believes all religions are equal and educates all without consideration of religion or caste. We recognize that all students are uniquely talented. Within our exceptionally supportive community, students develop positive relationships and relish the opportunity to realize their individual potential to the full. Learning in Sharda English Academy has been highly student-centric, encouraging them to develop their individual potential to the fullest.

Since opening in 2009, our school adheres to the motto of “Serving the Community in the Spirit of Benevolence” and provides a quality, holistic education. We hope that one day; our students will be able to make a valuable contribution to both our society and our country. Our school aims to provide all students with a multi-faceted, school-based curriculum that will enable students to develop independent thinking skills, the ability to distinguish between right and wrong, a positive attitude towards life and a thirst for knowledge. We aim to make our students life-long learners, and their years at school are the beginning of this journey.