Every child has special qualities, we at SSVM identify such special talents & devlop it by engaging them in various activities . The school and staff take responsibility to identify such skills in our children where as the management provider a platform to promote such skilled children. So along with academics, co-scholastic activities are also arranged. Through this our children posses “Healthy mind in a Healthy body.”

Along with all these activities the school also arranges educational activities.

Keeping in mind all the student inner talents the school arranges various educational activity to draw out their inner potential. Through these activities students activity participate & develop new traits. The activities are listed below

At shree sharda vidhyamandir to provide Realistic education the school provides five activities which are listed in detail as below.

Self defense skill

Here through karate children are trained to protect themselves when they encounter danger. Through this activity children are not only taught to develop the healthy body but also how to defend themselves.


At national, international level this enables participants to develop, Good body balance, activeness, concentration and entertainment to develop such skills skating is the activity we provide.


Through this activity the body becomes flexible & strong.


Today generations is much influenced by dance we provide dance training for western, classical dance so that it develops body balance, fitness, alertness and also brings in enjoyment.


As todays world is full of stress and tension so to cope up with it students are trained through yoga to keep the mind and body relaxed. By yoga the body is well tuned to understand current days pressure in society.