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Brothers And Sisters

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Rules & Regulations

  • Students must come to school in a neat and clean uniform. Every student must carry his / her identity card daily.
  • The student should be sent to school on time. If the student comes late, the student will not be allowed to attend that day's classes.
  • The child will not be granteo leave during the school hours. Leave will not be sanctioned for going out for functions or of it petty reasons.
  • If student does not fulfill the f xed days of presence during the academic year, he / she will not qualify for the annual exam.
  • The school is not responsible for the student after school hours.
  • Parents and students are requested to talk politely with the staff and school members. If the behaviour is rude, the stude can be expelled from the school.
  • Students' progress report will be written in the calender. Please check it regularly and sign it every time.
  • Great attention should be paid by parents on the child's regular attendance, home work, cleanliness and discipline.
  • Medical certificate should be produced if the student is absent from school for any medical treatment.
  • The parents are requested to see the principal or the teachers personally without any delay whenever you are called .
  • Complaints regarding the progress of your ward must be first put forward to the principal and then only to the class teacher
  • Suggestions are welcome, but the words of principal and the school authority will be final.
  • You are solely responsible for the regular timely payments of school fees and other dues as fixed and demanded by the school from time to time. There will be a hike of 10% in fees every year if the school management requires to do so.
  • The school fees should be paid half yearly, the first part payment shall be done at the time of admission and the second part payment in the month of December.
  • A month's notice should be given in advance before the child leaves the school, else you will have to pay the fees for the entire month.
  • Fees once paid is not refundable

"I have read the rules and regulations of the school and I promise to abide by them."